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Auddia, the developer of an AI platform for audio that creates a commercial-free, subscription-based broadcast option for radio, launches faidrRadio, billed as an exclusive content offering within the faidr app.

The company says faidrRadio will deliver curated music playlists, which they are calling Music Stations, and DJ-hosted episodic programming, dubbed Music Casts. The new faidrRadio is available now to iOS users for free for a short time and then will be available as a subscription service. Android users will gain similar access later this quarter. Currently, seven Music Stations and 30 Music Casts are available, with an expansion of offerings planned throughout the year.

The DJs listed on the Music Casts include Shelby, Madi, and Simon. Background information on the hosts is not available.

Auddia says faidrRadio is part of its Superapp strategy, announced late last year, which also includes the addition of podcasts to the faidr app. In addition to the new music content channels, new features and user controls are also offered with faidrRadio. Podcasts are expected to be added to the faidr app by the end of Q1.

“This is our first foray into creating and delivering exclusive content through faidr,” CEO Michael Lawless said in a release. “Many of our competitors have decided to offer their exclusive content through curated playlists. In addition to expertly curated playlists, our Music Casts are unique ways to showcase not only new and established artists but also DJs that have relevant perspectives to share. We see faidrRadio as a place for users to engage with great music and compelling program hosts and as a launchpad for new voices to get mainstream exposure.”

Last spring, Auddia announced a new music discovery option for subscribers called Discver.

The AI technology of faidr, removes the commercials from AM/FM radio stations, which partners can offer as a subscription option for listeners. Auddia says the process frees up approximately 25% of every hour. Listeners can fill the reclaimed airtime with the content they choose, including Discver content.

The new faidrRadio will provide another mechanism for Discovr artists to be heard, through Music Casts, where Discovr artists are featured alongside recent releases from more established artists.